The different colors of the Siberian cat
This small survey allows to show certain possible colours to the Siberian cat.
Traditional colors
Black [See] Blue [See]
Red Cream [See]
Tortie [See] Blue-cream
Black & white [See] Blue & white [See]
Red & white Cream & white
Tortie & white (calico) [See] Blue-cream & white
Cream cameo
Brown tabby [See] Blue tabby [See]
Red tabby [See] Golden tabby [See]
Cream tabby Torbie [See]
Blue torbie [See] Brown tabby & white [See]
Blue tabby & white Red tabby & white [See]
Cream tabby & white Torbie & white
Blue torbie & white Golden tortie tabby [See]
Black smoke Blue smoke
Red smoke Cream smoke
Tortie smoke Bleu tortie smoke
Black smoke & white [See] Blue smoke & white
Red smoke & white Cream smoke & white
Tortie smoke & white Blue tortie smoke & white
Black silver tabby Blue silver tabby
Red silver tabby [See] Cream silver tabby
Tortie silver tabby [See] Blue tortie silver tabby
Black silver tabby & white [See] Blue silver tabby & white
Red silver tabby & white Cream silver tabby & white
Tortie silver tabby & white Blue tortie silver tabby & white
Colorpoint (for Siberian Neva Masquerade cats)
Seal point [See] Blue point
Red point Blue-cream point
Tortie point Bleu-crème point
Seal point & white [See] Blue point & white
Red point & white Cream point & white
Tortie point & white [See] Blue-cream point & white
Seal tabby point [See] Blue tabby point [See]
Red tabby point Cream tabby point
Torbie point Blue torbie point
Seal tabby point & white [See] Blue tabby point & white [See]
Red tabby point & white Cream tabby point & white
Torbie point & white Blue torbie point & white
Seal smoke point [See] Blue smoke point
Red smoke point Cream smoke point
Tortie smoke point Blue tortie smoke point
Seal smoke point & white Blue smoke point & white
Red smoke point & white Cream smoke point & white
Tortie smoke point & white Blue tortie smoke point & white
Seal silver tabby point Blue silver tabby point [See]
Red silver tabby point Cream silver tabby point
Tortie silver tabby point Blue tortie silver tabby point
Seal silver tabby point & white Blue silver tabby point & white [See]
Red silver tabby point & white Cream silver tabby point & white
Tortie silver tabby point & white Blue tortie silver tabby point & white

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